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Asset Management

  • Develop and implement an asset management plan to preserve and enhance an asset’s value
  • Evaluate cost-benefit to restructure a loan or foreclose on a property understanding as is property level value and upside through value creation strategies
  • Evaluate covenants and representations to help position clients to become the real estate owner
  • For construction projects, develop estimated costs of completion and assemble contractors to complete a project while providing necessary oversight
  • Joint venture restructuring, re-negotiation, and litigation preparation to “unwind”
  • Budget and forecast
  • Complete competitive analysis to appropriately set rental rates and concessions
  • Review insurance limits and deductibles for risk/reward
  • Review, maintain and procure necessary permits and licenses
  • Select and manage vendor relationships and contracts
  • Determine capital expenditures to optimize value of property
  • Perform or arrange inspection services
  • Monitor consistently and respond promptly
  • Determine optimal exit strategy

Property Management


  • Manage day-to-day operations
  • Hire on-site personnel, as necessary
  • Deliver high quality tenant and/or customer relations
  • Manage vendor and contractor relationships
  • Establish preventative maintenance programs to protect and maintain property
  • Monitor insurance claim and mitigate risk
  • Manage private and public utility issues
  • Interface with condominium HOAs (for hotel and residential) for broken or fractured transactions


  • Provide monthly and annual reporting
  • Prepare and monitor operating and capital budgets
  • Manage lender and investor relations
  • Make timely equity distributions
  • Maintain property accounting and related records and documentation

Real Estate Consulting & Strategic Support

  • Non-strategic portfolio asset evaluation and specific strategic property planning
  • Property valuations
  • Property tax appeals
  • Lease audits
  • Due diligence and reverse due diligence for assets and portfolios

Operating Company Advisory Services

  • Services generally rendered for asset-based businesses
  • Evaluate costs with recommended cost takeouts
  • Review insurance limits and deductibles for risk-reward and monitor placement of new insurance, as required
  • Evaluate and pursue upside in lowering property tax assessments
  • Evaluate loan documents and assist in the negotiation of debt restructurings
  • Develop plans for balance sheet recapitalizations
  • Provide key relationships for debt or equity placement
  • Identification and filling of key gaps in finance leadership

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