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About Athena Real Estate
Athena Real Estate is a commercial real estate investment and services firm specializing in niche collateral types, including; hotels, self-storage, manufactured housing communities, RV parks/resorts, and marinas.  On a select basis, we will acquire income producing properties of other property types. We acquire properties on the East Coast from Florida to Maine.

Investment Strategy
The Company's operating philosophy is to obtain premium returns for value-added opportunities where focused and experienced management provide a competitive advantage.

We target “value added” acquisitions that allow us to create value from below market occupancy and/or rents; a property in need of capital and/or more professional management; and the potential to add to the number of rental units (sites or square feet). We buy properties with the intent to hold five years or longer, rather than a quick flip. Athena ventures with institutional partners.

Advisory Services
Our philosophy is to serve a select number of clients extremely well for high value-added engagements.  We asset and property manage aggressively, while using a disciplined knowledge-based approach.  Our services are for institutions, estates, receivers, and high net worth property owners.  Today, Athena or affiliates have a presence in the states of Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, and New York. (Click here to see services brochure).

Why Athena
The mythological Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. The all-knowing Athena sprang fully grown, helmeted and ready for battle, from the head of Zeus, the King of the gods.

We chose Athena as a foundation for our company name to give recognition to the importance of knowledge and speed, which are key characteristics for the success of our business.
The photographs are of representative properties and not necessarily owned properties.

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